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Profit Impact

by Rasheeda Russell on Jul 07, 2022

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Profit Impact

Learn how Profit Impact powered their team with technology devices that reduced over 492 kg of carbon emissions and prevented 2.8 kg of e-waste from going to landfills.

Profit Impact supports you to take financial decisions holistically and sustainably, recognising social and environmental value as much as financial value and tangibly measuring the long-term impact.

Industry: Management Consulting | Company Size: 2-10 employees | Location: Hemel Hempstead, UK

Profit Impact CO2 and e-waste savings

"We use Klyk for all our tech hardware to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. Klyk are friendly, knowledgeable and always offer a personal service. They genuinely care about the impact on the planet and your purse, I like the way they keep us informed of our environmental impact each month."

Sarah Whale of Profit Impact

Sarah Whale FCCA - Founder of Profit Impact


The Challenge 🔎

To supply and kit their growing team with the more sustainable option: certified refurbished laptops and smartphones.

The Solutions 💡

Initial consultation

To understand their tech behaviour better.

Bespoke tech package

Based on the product and specification best suited to their business needs.


Products ordered

2 refurbished Dell laptops

1 refurbished iPhone 8

2 new 19” monitors

By buying refurbished tech, Profit Impact has saved 492.48 kg CO2 and reduced 2.808 kg e-waste.

We can help your business to be more sustainable through the tech you use. Get in touch with us to discuss the best solution for your team 👋