Case studies

Toucan Ventures

by Rasheeda Russell on Jul 07, 2022

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Toucan Ventures is an incubator and venture capital fund with offices in Hong Kong, Nairobi, Bangkok and Bahrain. When the soon-to-be-opened London branch needed help sourcing technology for its new team, they came to us.

toucan ventures employees at a desk

What did they need?
They had an immediate need for laptops and phones for their new team. They were keen to get Apple devices but also wanted a cost-effective solution, two requirements that are often mutually exclusive. 
What did they get?
To keep the costs down while satisfying the need for Apple devices, we recommended our good-as-new refurbished devices, supplying five 2019 MacBook Airs, a 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch and eight iPhone 64GB 8s on our sim-only plans. Everything is on our Two Year Eco Lease. 
What did they save?
By choosing refurbished devices, Nest saved:
£4,119.36 compared to buying new. 
1,524kg of CO2. Buying new would have created 1716kg, while refurbished devices are responsible for just 92kg. That’s a saving of 79% and the equivalent to driving from London to Edinburgh 13 times.