Our clever leasing deals work out less expensive than buying devices outright. Hand it back when you’re done and, rather than recycle it, we’ll find it a new owner.

Leasing with Klyk

Leasing solutions that spread the cost of your tech, helping power your business

The simplest way to save money on technology? Lease it. At the end of your lease, either keep it or trade it in for something new. Then we’ll be happy to find it a new home. 🏠


A selection of our products


Our Eco-Lease is named on purpose. It’s economical. It’s eco-friendly. 

Economically efficient

Pay less. Get more. We’ve made our leasing plans as efficient as possible by utilising residual value. (You may have heard of this when you last financed your car.) This lowers your cost of ownership and spreads this cost over 2 or 3 years. 

Evolve with innovation

Tech needs to be updated every two to three years on average. At the end of your lease, trade in your old tech for a newer model. 


Leasing can play a key role in driving the circular economy. At the end of your lease, we refurbish the devices and get them ready for their new lease on life. 

The numbers speak for themselves.

 We've broken down the numbers to showcase the savings you can expect from choosing to Eco-Lease a device.

An Eco-Leased MacBook Air can put £221 back into your pocket. This solution is smarter, it's more efficient and it's more economical. 

Leasing is working out great for our customers.

 Case Study: Nest

When venture capital fund Nest needed to kit out their new London offices, they came to us to curate the right tech at the best price.

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 Ultra cost savings👏
Leasing + refurbished = money saved and more flexibility. By eco-leasing a refurbished device, your team will get to use the latest tech for the best years of its life, while money is put back into your pocket. 
 No need to worry❤️
Don’t worry about something going wrong with your device. Every device we supply comes with a guaranteed one-year warranty. If there is an issue with your tech, all you have to do is let us know. We’ll get it sorted.


Helping the circular economy💸

By eco-leasing your tech, you’ll be contributing to the circular economy, a CSR initiative we should all work towards. When you’re ready for a newer model, we take your tech and refurbish it, often giving it to a new home that helps lessen the digital divide.

Truly personalised service🙋

We want you to get the most out your tech, not spend the most on your tech. From our initial consultation to finding the right leasing plan for you and curating the tech, we are there with you every step of the way.